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UV-Ozone Surface Treatment System
Low cost UV-Ozone for ultimate cleaning of substrates

It is often critically important to clean the substrates to a molecular level before device fabrication. Conventional cleaning techniques often leave a monolayer of organics on the surface, which is detrimental in device performance. The ultraviolet (UV)/ ozone cleaning is a simple-to-use, inexpensive, fast and dry method that rapidly removes organic contaminants including oils and greases, fluxes, skin oils, and contamination adsorbed during prolonged exposure to air. Contact angle measurements and wettability tests confirm the performance of this method. In this method samples are exposed to a certain dose of simultaneous UV/ozone, at optimum and controlled conditions. The exposure time is set by a timer and oxygen can be injected for improved performance.


  • Substrate cleaning prior to thin film deposition on many surfaces
  • Cleaning of silicon, GaAs and InP wafers, optical lens, mirrors, solar panels, steel sheets
  • Hybrid substrates prior to wire bonding – removal of condensed epoxy volatiles
  • Improved adhesion to plastic surfaces
  • Creating thin oxide on silicon or other materials

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